My Stint With An Iron Maiden Tribute Band in Florida

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You know Ima country boy, but I’ve always been fascinated by the music of Steve Harris, founder and bassist for the major international act Iron Maiden. I’ve played Maiden songs on the guitar and sung them whenever I can, and as often as I could. In 2015 I had an opportunity to audition for a Florida Iron Maiden tribute band. I never thought I would be in one.  You see? But this opportunity was right in front of me and I took it. At the time I was mostly a guitarist, but the part I went for was Bruce Dickinson’s […]

Landing Awesome Free Movement Around

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I woke up to this beauty this morning. Sat down on the newly water-resistant coated picnic table… and… RELAXED. I did relax for a bit. Actually, did it for just about 30 seconds before one of the offspring hollered,”I wanna go back inside the house! There’s WASPS around the trampoline!” I got up, and walked over to the check the mayhem that had ensued. NOTHING. The little ones had misjudge the flying, awesome looking dragonflies for wasps. That was all. Regardless, the little issue had escalated in their minds beyond any chance of staying on the trampoline or outside for […]

Ford Tractor, Cowboy Hat and Music to Boot

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I broke my back doing a bit of garden work years ago. Now, this was way before I acquired the old Ford tractor I now have. Anyway, working in the garden was A LOT of fun until that point. I mean, I tried growing everything except beans and tomatoes. Nothing worked except for two native Florida guava trees I had. When they started fruiting… YEEEhaaa! I can’t tell you how EXCITING of an experience that was. Those little trees grew to be like 10 feet high and gave pounds and pounds of fruit each year. Unfortunately, I had to say […]