My debut album, Like My Life Depends On It, is a modern country rock album with a sci-fi edge.  It was just released
July 11th. 

“I really like the originality, and the guitar chords and riffs are really eccentric. I dig it. Love the vocals as well.” Marisa Dannielle Hill, Alien Country fan”

Liam Marcus is the face and voice of Alien Country, an oddity and gem of a solo project. Liam’s natural vocals keep things real and reminds listeners of Dwight Yoakam and Neil Young.
Drawing inspiration from Iron Maiden to Chet Atkins, what makes Alien Country’s music unique is how Liam brings more musical intricacies to the songs than mainstream country, and even dares to use unorthodox instruments like the ukulele and Theremin, all while staying true to the familiar heart and soul of country music. Liam states, “Above all, my music is fun and my fans say it makes them happy. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters to me.”

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