About Liam

about liam

5 star“The atmosphere of good ‘ol country music the way I remember it. It makes me feel good listening to it!” – Dean Pierce, Alien Country Superfan


I’m Liam Marcus, a sci-fi redneck straight out of the Pleiades System with my backwoods nebula sounds. Join me as I blast off past Orion’s belt buckle with my twangy hits famous across galaxies far and wide!

I’m an indie solo artist – the original rider on the solar storm named Alien Country ready to warp you into the world of sci-fi country rock. I infuse country music’s traditional trappings with an air of reckless fun and the dazzling guitar riffs of a rockin’ hoedown.

The sound of my snug vocals, guitars, fiddle, and drums speeds past the polite definitions of country music into the new frontier of a hot red planet where outlaws abide and cowgirls rope and wrangle strange beasts.

In 2018 Alien Country went supernova with my debut album, Like My Life Depends On It. Since then, listeners have been jumping gleefully into the gravitational pull surrounding my “fans come first” philosophy.

I create a culture centered around my special brand of sci-fi country rock designed to make you feel like family and lift you up to new levels of pleasure. My Facebook Group, “Sci-fi, Music and Country Life” immerses you into my personal, intergalactic hootenanny in a way no other artist offers.

I’ve partnered with the famous Hugh Syme, Art Director for Rush, The Outlaws, Aerosmith, The Allman Brothers, Iron Maiden, The Band and more. Together we’ve created a lush audio and visual landscape to help you escape from your everyday life. Buckle up, my friend – it’s a new world out there!